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We are a small business who specialize in giving your small business customized and economical website and graphic support. But if all you need is advice, we can help there as well.

We can create a logo for you or recreate your logo to upload to your site.
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Contact info: Senior Designer, Deana Shelby, Subject: Shelmer House or
SHELMER HOUSE, 100 Shelmer Lane, BOX 639, Anahola, HI 96703-0639

  • $150 - Downpayment required to schedule your job.
    Check will not be cashed until we agree upon timeframe and the basic outline of your site.
  • $35/hr or I'll quote a fixed price after job specs agreed upon.
  • If content is particularly wordy, I recommend providing it via email.
    This will greatly reduce your cost.

The following is an example of our pricing...
  • Pool Supplies Site
    This site uses the FRAME capability of later browsers. Frames allow your clients easy access to navigation links and one or more of the frames can be used to keep important information in front of the viewer at all times.

    This framed site shows four pages with internal links to more detailed information about various aspects of their business. If your browser doesn't understand frames, you'll note that we've included links for you, as well as, the client to download the newest browsers OR simply jump to a non-frame version of the site.

    The site has a moderate amount of typed text, places set aside for several graphics (i.e. photos scanned and loaded onto the site)

    Similar sites with the graphics loaded would be priced at $550.00 U.S.

  • Construction Support Site
    Trigull wants to document the kind of work it does through a gallery of pictures taken at various work sites.

    So far the text on this site is minimal, but the number of pictures scanned in and touched up were extensive. Also, the graphic design of the entry page was created to duplicate the organization's business card.

    A site similar to this one, with more complete text support for each photo, would be priced at $500.00 U.S.

  • Builders without Borders Site
    Pythagorean Group plans to develop a marketing group for construction and/or carpentry related projects.

    Their site is currently a skeleton consisting of graphical links to various aspects, which are yet to be developed.

    A similar site, fully fleshed out, would be priced at $500.00 U.S.

  • Specialty Contractor Site
    McBirney Construction specializes in custom homes. Their site, as it currently stands, is an online brochure to give potential customers an idea of the kind of quality work they do.

    Several pictures from their handout brochure were scanned and captions were added, creating a pictorial tour of some of their completed projects. NOTE:The quality of the pictures can be improved when original photographs are used. See a sample page from the Construction Support Site as an example of original photos in use.

    A similar site would be priced at $400.00 U.S.

  • Vocational Training Site
    Truck Driving Academy is a vocational training school. They wanted a site to help potential students learn more about them even when their phones were quiet.

    Additional graphics were created to spice up the site and their company logo was recreated in a format appropriate for the net. The typed material is moderate and the number of photos scanned and touched up minimal.

    A similar site would be priced at $500.00 U.S.

  • Integrity Home Brokers Site
    This Home Broker wanted to provide a sales pitch for banks looking for brokers to view.

    I inserted a JAVA scripted enhanced graphic to spice up the site.

    A similar site would be priced at $175.00 U.S.

  • Friendship Web Tour Site
    This web page tour site consists of links to several personal web pages, some of which demonstrate the use of animated graphics or other eye catching displays.

    A single page, with graphical enhancement, consisting of links to other sites would be priced at $200.00 U.S.

Please contact us at
Senior Designer, Deana Shelby, Subject: Shelmer House or if you prefer snail mail...
SHELMER HOUSE, 100 Shelmer Lane, BOX 639 Anahola, HI 96703-0639