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Name, Rank and Serial Number...

Cmdr Ley, while exploring the Bajoran system, was forced to land on Sil's home planet, a world with no use for contact with the rest of the universe. Many of his crew died and those who were left tried to make a go of it on this highly backward, to their way of thinking, planet. The indigenous culture, being highly spiritual, had no use for technology and wanted their ship destroyed. But with Sillarian's help, he was able to hid away some instruments and equipment. During the years that followed, he never stopped trying to contact Starfleet and would try to build what he would call a communication device. Not really understanding his efforts and having lost their hatred of all things technical many generations ago, the local people chose to interpreted his work as art and he became a highly praised and celebrated artist.

After Sil's birth, her mother chose to be guided in the study of their religion and to take the path to high office. Just before Sil entered her rebellious stage, two major events occured in the life of her parents. Her mother became tribal chief of the largest sect on the planet and her father made contact with Starfleet.

View of small cloudy planet Silarian's Home Planet

Early Years...

Birthplace: M class Planet in the Bajoran system, born and raised on a small island off the coast of Anquilla, a large continent containing the seat of the planets culture and religion.

Being the daughter of a important political and religious figure as well as a well known artist, much was expected of Silarian, named after her mother (slightly different spelling to avoid confusion). She was used to receiving compliments throughout her life. She had been told by her parents that, because of their position, the compliments may not always be genuine. In the beginning when Sil grew full of herself, her grandmother would called her, "Sillyoka", suggesting her head was as big as the stars. The shortened version, Silly, stuck with her and she didn't mind much because it always made her father smile. Eventually, through hard work her head settled down and she began to discount any compliments received, accepting them with a smile and going about her business.

Like her mother before her, Silly too had begun her religious training and was on the way to becoming a high priestess when she entered her rebellious stage. Having spent many hours watching her father work and listening to his stories of Starfleet, she wanted to find out more about this Starfleet. When contact was made and a scientific and diplomatic ship was sent to investigate, Silly's rebellious stage was in full force. This stage in her life cycle required rebellion against the norms of her elders. Thus, given the opportunity, she stowed away on the ship which responded to her father's attempts to contact Star Fleet. Silly had to explore Starfleet and the stars.

As there are no institutions on Silly's home planet, a young person must declare their course of study by choice of clothing color. Training is conducted by anyone a young person encounters. Silly's choice was religious in nature leading to high office.

At Starfleet, Sil prepared for her ship board experience by taking courses in general first aid, security, operations with primary emphasis on ship board counseling.

While aboard the Ticonderoga, Sil finished her bridge qualification course and was promoted to Chief of Operations.

Psychological Notes...

Religious training back on her home planet had given Silly mental discipline. Her parents and grandmother had given her much kindness in her years with them so she was well training in sharing and giving kindness to others. Due to her mother's responsibilities and Silly's Starfleet training, she developed a strong dedication to duty. Silly has drawn on these aspects of her personal life experiences to develop her own meditation routine, which she uses whenever she needs a quick pick up.

Silly awakens to the sound of `call to prayer' bells she has programmed into the computer. As this is how all of her clan rise each morning. She has been waking this way since she was old enough to thank the prophets for another beautiful day and to pray that her up coming tasks would be performed to their satisfaction. When not on duty, she if fond of visiting the ship board gardens and lendind a hand with the plants and soil.

She has the capability, through meditation to alter her appearance slightly. She can appear somewhat older or younger or take on some characteristics of other races. Sil's heritage and religious training has given her special skills in listening and observing. In her free time she has devised holo hand to hand combat programs to maintain her fighting skill. Because she insisted on wearing her hair long, she was trained to braid it and use it as a tool.

Silly's long life expectancy is due to her planet's special characteristics, her genetic inheritance and the expected hard work on her planet required because no technology is used. Her desire to maintain warrior preparedness was due to her mother's high office. Family members of high office holders may have to fight along side their elders to show their genetic qualifications to remain in said office. She also expanded this training at the Academy.

View of Saturn and her moons Saturn and friends

Silly enjoys experiences and joined Starfleet to see the universe and meet as many races and sentient life forms as possible.
Career Profile...
CometII, research vessel hidden inside comet with planned trajectory through Romulan space. Ensign, assigned to Security
USS Einstein, Ensign, assigned to Security, participated in covert mission to ascertain Romulan presence in Tannen System
USS Ticonderoga, Ensign, Lieutenant JG, Lieutenant, Lt. Commander,assigned to the counseling department eventually becoming the Department Head; later transferring to Chief of Operations
After serious injuries in battle, she chose to recuperate on her home planet. Now completely recovered Silly is looking forward to her next Star Fleet assignment.
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