... for a romantic evening, small get together or pampered personal attention


We'll be happy to individualize any dish for you... Just name it and we'll try it.

The following are samples of dishes we've prepared previously:

Cucumber and cream cheeze Appetizer
Sample Appetizers:
* Warm almond and brie tarts
* Cucumber Cups with Ginger Cream Cheese and Caviar
* Seared scallops with garlic mayonnaise
Roast Chicken with Lemon-Thyme Green Beans
Sample Main Course:
* Beef roast with crispy potatoes
* Roast Chicken with lemon steamed green beans
* Ahi tuna with mushroom cream sauce
Chocolate chunk Mousse in Champagne glass
Sample Desserts:
* Strawberry Trifle with lemon cream
* Caramel tart with raspberry sauce
* Chocolate Mousse with vanilla creme
Please Note: Due to the varied availability of fresh products, some specific items may not be available and prices are subject to change without notice. Please allow at least 72 hours for special orders.
Sample Catering Platters
Platter of Ham & Cheese Croissants
Croissant Platters:
* Hot croissants filled with your choice: Ham & Cheese, Ham & Tomato, Butter & Jam or Ham & Jam
Platter of skewered shrimp with spicy Asian BBQ sauce
Skewer Platters:
* Boiled shrimp with spicy BBQ sauce.
* Seared chicken skewers with Thai peanut sauce.
* Grilled shrimp with Raspberry or Lemon sauce
Tortilla Roll Ups on Platter
Roll Up Platters:
* Tortillas are rolled with various meats, spreads, cheeses and garden fresh veggies
Platter of assorted cheeses and fruit
Cheese Platters:
* A selection of cheeses, fresh fruit and sugar sweetened nuts

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